How to Write Press Release for New Products!

It sometimes becomes difficult to organize everything, especially when you are launching or starting something from scratch. In this blog post, we will give you details about “how to write a press release for new products”.

Usually, it could be frustrating because you have done lots of work to create a product, but if you cannot spread the word about it or do not know how to make a killer press release for your product. Just do not worry. We are here to answer all of your questions.

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But you may be in a curious situation where your product may not get good responses; for the rescue, we have brought some of the main points to follow, including some super practical tips and tricks for an awe-inspiring how to write a press release for a new business.

So, let’s jump in!

Most Effective 5 Steps to Follow:

We have concluded some of the most effective steps that are super concise and easy to follow with some basic facts to write a great press release for your new product. Let’s just quickly roll in it.


We all know that a press release begins with a headline. But the thing with which most people are not aware is how to make it captivating and highly attractive. Being straightforward, we would suggest you make it irresistible because it is the start of your press and the very first thing that your viewers or audience would see.

A killer headline is definitely the key to success; there is no way back if you have managed to stop, sit, and read it to your audience. Just make it interesting, unique, and captivating. It should not last more than 40-50 characters, but you need to be serious. Because it’s essential to show your concept, idea, of a story in one line so play carefully.

Do not follow your competitors content; try to create something different that will help you to get easy recognition from media members and journalists. Off-course they are the way to spread the news regarding your product to other people in the industry.

Your words must be clear, valuable by using action verbs.

Include Value in First Paragraph:

The first paragraph should include the entire value, important facts. Journalists and Media members are always in a rush, and they don’t want to waste their time in any exaggerating explanations. We would suggest you add the famous 5W’s at the start so they can quickly get an idea of what you are up to.

It includes who, why, when, what, and where. It will help you to conclude the answer for each every query that a reader can think of. Also, add that how was the procedure of your brand development with a bit of a glimpse of a story.

Saving your reporters time is the first step towards a successful press release because they want to know everything but do not want to invest their team in reading long paragraphs. Mostly, the journalists like to have a bullet point with short explanations, and when they find such patterns, they appreciate it a lot.

Try to use simple and plain English language, because reading significant heavy sentences could make them feel to skip it out. This is absolutely not a good idea for how to write a good press release?

Mention One or Two Quotes:

Usually, the quotes are like to be inserted in the second or third paragraph. You are supposed to add more than one quote from your company officials or spokesman of your brand. The quotes should explain the depth of the announcement.

Would you please focus on adding value to these quotes because these are not supposed to become general lines and be the primary perspective presenter in your press release? This should be written after a complete analysis regarding the brand information so that you can show the entire image of your announcement because it will definitely leave a significant impact on your niche related industry including customers, or clients, your targeted audience, and the ecosystem.

Convey Entire Background Information regarding your Subject:

Before closing the press release, creatively add some details to include more value in your narrative in the second last paragraph. For example, you can use the techniques and strategies your company applied while creating the latest product.

You can also tell your audience how future applications have been decided or are on the way for some advancement while emerging it with the announcement lines.

Remember that you are supposed to strictly prohibit any extra false information or anything that looks fancy but haven’t added it in your product because that would be a fraud with your audience. Try your best to be concise, valuable and honest with them.


In the end, you should add a boilerplate. Separately write a short paragraph on it. Boiler-plate is a standard copy regarding your brand or business, and it is supposed to insert it at the end of your press release.

It is meant to be super clear and to the point with your readers via this paragraph. In this, you should explain the company’s perspective, what it does, write about its size, colour, appearance, presence, availability, locations, websites, and all of the attached social media addresses links.

We would highly prefer to not exceed your press release for more than one page, as one page is considered ideal. And boilerplate is essential to include, so try to elaborate on each point to summarize and close simultaneously.

Bottom Line:

The above blog post on how to write a press release for an event or for a new product has ended. We have explained the 5 basis points to follow and consider while writing the press. If you read it carefully, we have tried to stay concise and close to the point for a quick analysis of how to write.

Just follow these points and make a killer press release for your product, Head On!

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