How to Write a Press Release for a Real Estate Business!

If you are into the press release industry, then there is one main thing you must know: that real estate press release is not any different. Similar to the rest of the press releases, you have to write this as well by following some of the basic strategies and rules.

But still, writing a press release is something that most real estate press releases professionals want to get master. It is a practical step towards exceptional communication strategies.

Whether starting a real estate business, some related strategy or hiring the team, a press release will be the second most crucial thing after planning the entire idea. It helps you bring maximum attention to your business; you can include every bit of information regarding your brand or business to captivate the whole targeted audience.

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Preferred Tips & Length for Real Estate Press Release:

Firstly, before getting into details, lets us clear one thing that your real estate press release should not be longer than one page. You can divide it into few paragraphs with the inclusion of some interesting bullet points.

Usually, the owners get confused while writing it, and they make some common mistakes, such as writing the story in the beginning and then assuming that it would look classier while writing it out. They usually do it because they might have heard about picking it up by the journalist from somewhere. These are wrong assumptions from now were, and it doesn’t make any sense regarding this industry.

Also, while launching, they get confused with their audience. They usually mix it up with their customers to their journalists. Please be clear that your audience for a commercial real estate press release is no one other than media members, assignment editors, and journalists.

Now moving on to their publishing process, they get published through newswire services. Newswire distribution service is one of the leading companies in this industry. They provide a lead bulletin board which is very convenient for journalists and media members to grant access to search news from anywhere in the world.

It comes with the option of your interests and related locations without any restriction. It is an exceptional technique to maximize your odds of receiving or grabbing media attention because it is super-efficient in writing and looks impressive.

Ways to Make it Look Effective:

Okay, we all know that writing content is not straightforward, but at the same time, it’s challenging to write for professional writers; you need to be tricky and smart; otherwise, you might increase your chances to lose a job.

Do consider that your audiences do not have any interest in your long written story. There was research held in Los Angeles, and it states that the journalists are tempted to listen to the pitch regarding your story, and it’s a fact that they used to read more than thousands of real estate press releases every month.

Without any doubt, they are always in a rush, so be respectful towards their time and work. So be super quick and stay stick to your point. Here in the following, we have listed some of the famous 5 W’s that you can add to your story to make it concise and journalist-friendly.

These 5 W’s include;

  • What is the reason behind the idea?
  • Why is it essential?
  • When will it get launch or make a start?
  • Where the idea did come from, and where it is going to happen?
  • Who is behind the involvement?
  • And off-course in the last do not forget to add how it all begins?

Now, being serious, we suggest you answer the questions mentioned earlier before writing the press release. Sit for a while, relax, and think about these questions; once you have got the answers, you are eligible to write a perfect real estate press release template.

As these questions will be adjusted in the first paragraph, so make sure to design the complete value statements that can efficiently stand out from the crowd.

Formation of Your Press Release:

As we have discussed before a real estate press release example. Press Release is a very concise and to the point written article; you are not supposed to add long lengthy paragraphs or heavy sentences. Just focus on the value and deliver as much summarization as you can.

Also, there are some important rules which are supremacy to follow; let’s discuss them in detail.

The Letter Head: Letterhead is a facility that is not available by every press release distribution company, but if you found it, then take it immediately. It provides a well-designed logo according to your brand’s or company’s theme. Also, if you already have one, that’s great; they make sure to have it in the top front centre of your press release.

The Headliner: Headline is the first that your readers or viewers will see, even before the logo. It should be concise and provide top-notch value. We would suggest you create it with a mix of emotions, a bit of contrast of your business idea, to sum up, most of the thing in one short line of 50-55 characters.

Paragraphs Distribution: Your press release should be divided into two to three paragraphs. The first one should have all the preliminary information that the journalists and media members should know immediately. For more attraction, you can include bullet points for small facts. Add a business description in the last paragraph with a piece of quote.

The Dateline: It is the most effective, essential, and helpful rule of the press release; the latest releases get published and get in notice due to their date. When you announce a date, the media members get to know about your release, and during publishing, you can have a better chance for good marketing.

Add Contact Information: Adding contact information in your compass real estate press release is very important because it helps your audience ask anything after the release to contact the company and get any information they want. Also, your team should be skilled and available most of the time to help them out.

You should provide the official email address, phone numbers and attach social media address links.

Bottom Line!

In the above blog post of “how to write a press release for a real estate business”, we have concluded all the details with some tips and tricks to follow while designing the press. The steps are pretty basic, be concise and try to provide more value via your announcement to easily stand out of the crowd and get attention from the media members.

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