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We usually take 48 hours to write an article, and revisions are typically completed within 24-72 hours. Our publishing process usually takes seven days, which includes 2-4 days for publishing and an additional 1-2 days to compile your entire report.

The longer the article lasts, the higher the publicity you get. The news sites we work with usually keep papers live for 3-24 months. We recommend ordering at least once a month for the best SEO results. 

Most critical news sites publish no-follow links, while smaller news sites are likelier to use do-follow links. After the Google recent update, No follow links are4 important for the website as well and play a significant role in overall ranking as well. Also, if you are ordering the PP on month basis then you don’t have to worry about the link weight.

This news network is suited for most of our clients and includes 400+ news sites, including affiliates of major news sites, including FOX, CBS, Market Watch, NBC, Digital Journal and USA Today.

We don’t accept the following niches Supplements, Alcohol, Dating, etc.

White labels are of prime importance for a press release, so we offer white-label reports.

Our press release services are here to get you out of all the trouble. We are helping many people, and brands get verified on social media. Social media sites require you to provide news articles to prove that you are a person of interest or notable.

To help you in this process, we can write and publish a newsworthy article about your brand on more than 400 news sites with live links so you can give social media sites the proof they need. It’s important to understand that social media sites consider many factors during the verification process, so our service cannot guarantee verification. But we can give you the edge you need in the verification process.

Make sure when you apply for verification, your profile is complete. And you have been active for some time. It will help you a lot to get that blue quickly.

Of course, you will. Our publications are excellent at delivering highly motivated visitors to your website for years to come. The magazines often rank on the first page of Google for relevant search terms to advertise you to thousands of interested readers and warm them up to your brand and offer before they reach your site, ready to take action.

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We only need three things from you to start writing your article:

  • A topic for the article
  • A link to your website
  • Your business contact details

We also accept images and quotes and can even embed YouTube videos within the article.

Your article should be any general announcement about your business or social media account. We will talk about the features and benefits. We will give your news a title to blow the internet

Unfortunately, you can’t edit your article after it gets published. Once an article is live, we cannot edit it. So it’s essential that you carefully review the draft we send you and that you only provide us with articles that are ready to publish.

If you need changes after an article is published, it will cost you some. This process takes about one week to complete. Just contact us if you would like us to do this for you.

If you want your article’s to be listed on major news sites such as FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, USA Today, and Google News, you have to proceed with highest package for better exposure of your story because each and every mentioned website is listed in Diamond Package.

Yes, this is the best-serving policy we are providing. Once our expert writers have completed your article, we will send it to you for review. Moreover, we don’t publish your article until or unless you’re satisfied with the results.

Every news sites constantly post the same content, unlike blogs. Search engines know this, so you will not have any problem with the article’s uniqueness when publishing duplicate content on news sites. But you will still get all the benefits of having your article and backlinks on high-authority websites. Our customers often give us reviews about increased traffic after getting our articles published. 

A Voice, A Dream, A Vision for change. As everyone is different in their own way; however, some things that may make someone stand out from the rest include their unique personality, interests, and talents. Additionally, people may be different because of their life experiences or the way they were raised.