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Press Release Board is the leading global press release distribution platform with 18+ years of senior management experience in PR distribution & marketing.

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Press Release Board is the leading worldwide platform for press release distribution services 2022 with an incredible 5 years of ample senior director experience in marketing & PR distribution. Best Press Release Services Board comprises a professional team with former senior management of leading newswires. With the joint directors of traditional superb press release distribution & advanced technology trends, the best Press Release Service for SEO Board proudly presents high-quality communication services.

Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

Continuously enhancing press release distribution procedures via implementation of the advanced digital technologies & mechanics while taking clients’ return on their investments to new and incredible heights.

Become an established market leader in the super amazing News-Tech industry just by giving Al-driven SaaS fantastic platform solutions to re-invent and boost news distribution, corporate communications, and its consumptions.

Our vision is to make a lot of publicity available to almost everyone by decreasing the price barriers & proving our clients access to the top guaranteed placements present in the market.

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Our Multimedia & Press Release Distribution Software and Services (SaaS) !

Press Release Distribution

Cost-Effective Distribution of Press Release with Incredible Results

Media Database

Make Connection with Right Media for the Perfect Coverage

Media Watch

Monitor Some Stories and Explore Your Critical Mentions


Rich Data Assemblage to Authorize Your Decisions

Media Room

Showcase Your Company Stories and News and Through Secure CMS

Analytics Empowering the Earned Media Advantage

Rich Data Collection to Authorize Decisions

PDF Reporting​

An appropriate customized report is also available for Press Release submissions and can be easily downloaded from the member panel. Each PDF includes a detailed and comprehensive listing of the URLs where your PR distribution review has been brought to. Share this correct report with stakeholders and partners.

Performance Data

Our amazing analytics gives you the superb tools to understand any kind of performance and content engagement across established media channels. Get a fantastic real-time snapshot in just a few seconds.

Email Opens & Clicks

Emails campaigns can be conveniently tracked by utilizing our wonderful analytics. You are also able to click-through rates and review open rates on all links. The capacity to measure ROI on every campaign will amazingly give you much confidence at every engagement stage.

Our Services !

Press Release Distribution

Reach your desired freelance press release writer & disclosure targets. Get more and more reviews with the help of multimedia. Track your consequences and clarify your message.

Our PR packages are undoubtedly best and perfect for small businesses who desire to be in the media or news. Our cheap press release service is outstanding for brand visibility and SEO press release service purposes as well. We are the one and only among press release distribution companies that will get you the correct exposure at reasonable pricing. It’s best time for press release.

Gain maximum media exposure over a broad array of trustworthy media outlets depending on your campaign aims and goals. Encounter the Earned Media Advantage such as thousands of developed businesses who highly trust the top Press Release distribution Board for the purpose of publishing their news and articles.

Thousands of artists utterly rely on our PR distribution broad media distribution colleagues and partners. Get your news successfully published on the most popular media networks such s NBC, ABC, FOX News, Market Watch, Google News, and hundreds of other media partners.

Our Analytics !

    • Locate where your audiences/readers are
    • Understand campaign grades
    • Examine engagement for the best ROI

    Complete reporting for your content and campaigns. Utilize data to utterly understand your perceptions for max ROI.

  • Track Twitter shares and Facebook likes
  • Engage in social discussions
  • Expand your followers

Track essential social media signals like Twitter and Facebook likes in our Analytics. Measure your conversations and content engagement associated with your campaigns.

  • Capture more and more data
  • Track obligation on your content
  • Integrate conveniently without any code

Add your personal code for Google Analytics to your own member panel & collect more data for your team.

Why Choose Us?

Our Experts

Our expert team consists of energetic, enthusiastic, and talented professionals with every individual a champion in their particular area of expertise. Our corporate tradition highly promotes and encourages out-of-the-box analytics, bringing you effective and distinctive SEO press release distribution solutions.

No Contracts

We believe in client liberty and that’s why we don’t actually engage in very long-term subscriptions or contracts. Without any kind of membership fee need, you can easily pay as you go, deriving maximum advantages without any sort of commitments.

Bulk Packages

Get our best way to distribute press releases published on a high scale at the affordable costs offered in the press release industry. We offer huge packages, in terms of super amazing services, to customers interested in successfully publishing bulk and huge press releases. You will be aware of the importance of press releases.

Enhanced Online Presence

Target each potential customer in the digital marketing world and just increase your online presence to a great extent. Post your different press releases on a lot of distribution channels and just get the whole world out about your own press release along with Google advertising and social media. Get the best time for press release.