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Press Release Board is one of the best press release distribution service with guaranteed approval on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and 400+ Media outlets.

PR Board serves businesses of all kinds including small, and large, startups, and corporations. Order now and become a part of 6000+ happy organizations that have used our amazing services.

Press Release Board

Allows businesses of all kinds to massively increase their lead traffic, customers, and website visitors by up to 45% with well-crafted content published on some of the world’s most influential media outlets. We are offering #1 Press Release Distribution services all over the world

Guaranteed publishing on FOX, ABC, CBS and 400+ Media Outlets

Are you looking for a Press Release service to boost your websites?
Need more exposure?
Stop worrying. We’ve got you covered. Our team of experienced writers can craft the perfect news story to generate interest in your brand. The best part? Upon being published, you’ll receive a PDF report of all live URLs to each of your articles.
This way you can quickly review all the articles our team published for your business to bring you massive exposure and even sales! Start today and be published in just 7 days. In a little of 3-7 days, your article will be posted to over 400+ authority news sites across our network, with guaranteed publishing to affiliates of NBC, ABC, FOX, Google News, and CBS.

Millions of Readers

Our partnered news sites have built profit from the readership and authority over many years. Our growing network of news sites ranks high on Google delivering you quality readers.
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Why Do You Need a Press Release?

There are millions of reasons to order a press release for your business. Whether your needs are local or global, our vast distribution service and best relationship with international media partners will give you an extraordinary reach for your news. The Press Release Board had a distribution reach of over 400+ news sites and many countries. You can choose from our vast network of hundreds of Newsline to reach your targeted audience. For investor relations professionals, we provide distribution options for material and financial news distribution and regulatory filing solutions.

Increased Sales

You will be able to get more sales by displaying the ‘As Seen On’ badge on your website. This badge will help to build a sense of trust and security among visitors and will improve conversion rates by 36%

Brand Awareness

There is nothing better than your brand's name on everyone's lips. Press Release Board boosts brand awareness by attracting large media outlets, influencers, and social media attention. We keep your brand development in mind as we write the release. A well-written press release aligns your brand strategy with your brand objectives.

More Organic Sales

Get more traffic and increase your sales by publishing an article about your website. Our advertisement can improve by up to 48% conversion rates by building trust and legitimacy with your visitors. We guarantee you a high sales pitch after publishing your article.

High Ranking on Google

Our news and articles often rank on the first page of Google for your keywords, driving more traffic to your site. Search engines consider links from these news sites as high authority recommendations, helping to push your search position higher. We are helping our clients to get their websites a high ranking on Google.

Boost Visibility and Engagement with Multimedia

Gone are the days of text-only press releases. We are providing Media Snippets that let you embed interactive carousels with infographics, PDFs, audio, and video elements - including live-streaming events - directly into your press release. We are giving our clients reasons to go beyond text by adding multimedia that drives engagement and visual interest to your news.

Social Media Verification

We can help you to get verified on social media. Our articles prove that you and your brand are public figures of interest that need verification. Many of our clients use our articles to get verified on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Quality Backlinks

Press Releases can do miracles if done right. A single Press release can be great for obtaining naturally incorporated backlinks. But if they’re NOT done right, they can do more harm than good and can be a source of penalties. The biggest reason why there aren’t more people using press releases for link building is that they were generally misused in the past. People overlooked the purpose of a press release and distributed it to as many platforms as possible. The Press Release Board has proven all of them wrong. We are providing the best quality press release backlinks to remove all the confusion of many SEO specialists about press release link building.

Full-Service Editorial Support

You need to understand how your press releases impact your business and brand. A little detail about your business can help instantly get you connected to the data you need. We are here to help you measure your Global press release's performance. And the number of people who viewed it. Social media shares, multimedia engagement, link click-throughs, and more. Newswire Analytics delivers meaningful metrics in a user-friendly format, using widgets and live dashboards instead of static reports. Your report is available immediately after your release is published and is easy to share with whomever you choose.

Get Full-Service Editorial Support & Translation Services

We know that your news is important. Our editorial service team is working 24/7/365 to provide you with any kind of help you need. The different Typos, broken links, and missed deadlines are not good options. Our editorial team can work with you to help prepare and distribute your news and answer questions you have along the way. We are also providing translational services when needed.

How does it work?

Here's How It Works

We improve your brand’s exposure by writing and publishing a news story on over 400+ news sites. Our skilled team can write about any topic!

You just need to follow these simple steps to get your article published.

1. Place Order

Place your order and provide all the details. Ensure you are providing the topic/story you want to promote. You just need to give us the web links & social media details.

2. PR Writing

Once our professional quality writers write the Press Release, we will send you a draft so that you can review it and suggest us the changes you want.

3. Get Results

Rank Higher on Google with the Press Release Board.

Choose the Plans That Fits Your Need

100% money-back guarantee
We promise to publish your article on a wide variety of news sites including affiliates of FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Digital Journal, AZ Central and. But if your article is not written or published on the sites, you can simply contact us and you will receive a full refund of your payment.


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Client Reviews

Our Clients Get Real Results
We work with people and businesses looking to get more exposure. We have worked with businesses, eCommerce websites, charities, influencers, artists, musicians, and creators.

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Lisa Hallway
VP of Products
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Luis Alberto
App developer
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James Carter
Front-end developer


Our writing and publishing services are easy to use. All you need is just fill out our sign-up form, and within 3-7 days, you will have a live article on more than 400 news websites. A single article on a high authority website can cost you hundreds, but not with us. We are here to save you the time, money, and effort of getting you published, and we do it in a short timeframe. You can get multiple benefits by ordering from us. We give you the use of our existing news connections, expertise, and low prices. Moreover, the friendly support team is always happy to help you get your article published quickly and easily.

Well, it depends upon the type of information you provide. But to make everything easier and swift, our team works to get you friendly results in a bit of time. Publishing may be delayed if the article you provide us does not yet meet the writing guidelines.

Our publishing process usually takes seven days, which includes 2-4 days for publishing and an additional 1-2 days to compile your entire report.

We usually take 48 hours to write an article, and revisions are typically completed within 24-48 hours.

The longer the article lasts, the higher the publicity you get. The news sites we work with usually keep papers live for 3-24 months. We recommend ordering at least once a month for the best SEO results.  Will all the backlinks be do-follow

Most critical news sites publish no-follow links, while smaller news sites are likelier to use do-follow links. But we are here to get you out of this problem.

We do get lots of clients who are initially concerned about following links. But after seeing how these links still positively affect their search position, they are usually happy to continue ordering monthly. Our clients generally notice a boost within the first month of receiving their report. You can check this by reading our fantastic client reviews.

The answer is yes, and you can promote affiliate links. We cannot include direct affiliate links within the article itself, so you should have a landing page containing your affiliate link.

You will get published on the news sites chosen by you. We have different types of news networks.

This news network is suited for most of our clients and includes 400+ news sites, including affiliates of major news sites, including FOX and USA Today.

This news network is better for niches such as Cryptocurrencies, Supplements, Alcohol, Dating, etc. This news network includes 250+ news sites but does not include FOX. 

White labels are of prime importance for a press release, so we offer white label reports for all orders for free. Shortly it’s effortless to share our reports with your clients.

Our white-label reports come in 3 different formats:

Web Version

Spreadsheet Version

Plain text list

To turn any report into a white label version, just open your report, then click Export -> White Label Version.

Of course, you will. Our publications are excellent at delivering highly motivated visitors to your website for years to come. The magazines often rank on the first page of Google for relevant search terms to advertise you to thousands of interested readers and warm them up to your brand and offer before they reach your site, ready to take action.

We are giving you the pleasure of having your product’s name on everyone’s lips. Getting published on many high-authority news sites also helps boost your own site’s position on Google delivering even more traffic to your site from Google without even having to read a single publication.

Also, the article we will write for you will give you additional publicity and awareness brought to everyone who reads our publications or sees them on Google. Such exposure is excellent for driving direct traffic to your site.

Yes, but the process depends on the status of the press release.

For deleting a release that is Pending or Scheduled: You may simply click the delete link associated with your draft. It’s removed, and no credit is used.

Deleting a release that has been distributed: You may simply click the delete link associated with your freedom. It will remove the release form from our Press Release Board and news wire. You should then use our Contact Page to email our Editorial Department requesting the release be RETRACTED. We will then reach out to our downstream partners and do our best to have them take the release down.

We only need three things from you to start writing your article:

  • A topic for the article
  • A link to your website
  • Your business contact details

We also accept images and quotes and can even embed YouTube videos within the article.

Your article should be any general announcement about your business or social media account. We will talk about the features and benefits. We will give your news a title to blow the internet.

Unfortunately, you can’t edit your article after it gets published. Once an article is live, we cannot edit it. So it’s essential that you carefully review the draft we send you and that you only provide us with articles that are ready to publish.

If you need changes after an article is published, it will cost you some. This process takes about one week to complete. Just contact us if you would like us to do this for you.

If you want your article’s to be listed on major news sites such as FOX, CBS, USA Today, and Google News, you have to be local because they are restricted from publishing local articles.

Yes, This is the best-serving policy we are providing. Once our expert writers have completed your article, we will send it to you for review. Moreover, we don’t publish your article until or unless you’re satisfied with the results.

We guarantee that your articles will be published on 200+ news sites.

Every single article of yours will be SEO, and news sites constantly post the same content, unlike blogs. Search engines know this, so you will not have any problem with the article’s uniqueness when publishing duplicate content on news sites. But you will still get all the benefits of having your article and backlinks on high-authority websites.

Our customers often give us reviews about increased traffic after getting our articles published.

It is the most frequent question that we get asked. Your available press release distribution options have changed over the last few years because you didn’t find a reliable service to meet your requirements.

There is no need to stay with a single high-priced press release service and an exclusive contract. The Press Release Board provides you with every facility at affordable prices. We are vigilant, know how to satisfy our customers, and are reliable and quick.

Your brand deserves to be recognized! Start getting real exposure for your brand and high-quality buyers for your site.